Friday, September 14, 2012

She Cried..

        When the first time I saw her cried, it also was my first time kissed her. Wondering also did my kiss make her upset or what I talk hurt her that much. I would like to ask but I kept silent again. Do apologize to her about that I'm kissed her. She gave me a positive respond. But until the end am also don't know what do she mean.

       Second time she cried, make me felt helpless again. I felt pain and sad when she cried. I know I can't comfort her and I just hug her in my arm. She dropped her tears again. Asking myself that did I hurting her again? What am doing that make her felt that way? Isn't my present only hurting her again over again? What should i do to make her better?

       What she think and what she will do to make it better? I don't like to pretend that am not like that. Only with her I can find myself. That is me. I promise myself that don't hurt you. Protect you with rest of my life. Teach you the way of living to protect yourself when the day I can't protect you anymore. Some way, we will walk together but I believe that some way that you need to walk alone. But trust me that I will never let you walk alone. I will hold your hand and walk together. Never let go.

       I might not that good like your others admire but please give me a chance. You have the opportunity to choose the best for yourself and if am not in your list, it doesn't matter. I know am not good in enough for you also if you not willing to choose me. I can walk out of your life like the way I walk in to your life.

        You decide my stay or leave. You might take longer time to choose. But I believe, the day will come. Who you like, all is in your decision. How much I contribute in term of time and money, I won't claim back form you. Like you so much is only things that I can do well. Spend more time with you prove nothing just perhaps that I could be apart of your memories that with me eventhough my worlds is yours.

      If one day come, I will accept that the facts. I will leave a good memory for you. And please tell me that am not good enough for you and am not the good guy for you. Please don't hesitate to kill my heart immediately when you feel am not the right guy for you.

    Thanks for giving me time to in love with you. Perhaps my love belong to you. I do in love with you. Not matter what happen after this, stick my love with you until the day you give an answer.

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  1. So, are you two together now? Well, I do hope the ending is good for both of you. But if you are not together, it's okay. It doesnt mean you are not good enough for her, it means, you deserve someone who loves you, like you do, or maybe more.

    You are a good friend to me :)